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Celebreath, Ishwari JayHEADS UP! May 16

Saturday May 16 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm Ishwari will facilitate Celebreath® at Yoga Kula, Berkeley.

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Yogabhava® & Celebreath® inspires a way of living that nourishes your body & soul. We are holistic beings meant to live a holistic lifestyle. Yogabhava® offers “Emotional Freedom Breath Technique®“, Meditation, Yoga, Sacred Movement/Dance, Consulting combined into a unique process which helps you find your inner natural bliss, boundless energy & spiritual freedom.Programs include: classes, workshops, seminars, online courses, individual sessions, lectures & retreats worldwide.


Harbin Hot Springs Retreat & Workshop Center, Middletown, CA --

Celebreath®: Embracing Your Ecstatic Self NOW!


Celebreath® is an “active healing personal growth method” which combines breath, movement (blending ecstatic dance & yoga), meditation, mind re-programing and sounds which leads participants to a higher sense of freedom and joy while releasing their past limiting conditioning.

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“Every moment of your life has been carefully planned to help you further on your journey and you are surrounded by love even in the greatest suffering and lowest places life may take you. The ultimate purpose of all human incarnation is to return to our innate nature of boundless freedom, boundless energy total self realization as the divine creative power at the source of all. That which dwells within you as you for you, loves you, cherishes you.”

~ Ishwari Jay

Ishwari’s interview at the Winter & Wellness Summit is now available for your to listen at your inconvenience!

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