New Class Added: Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8pm an Anusara class level 2/3 at Willow Yoga

You can attend my Anusara Yoga presentation and 2 more classes of your choice at Yogahub online conference for FREE! Take advantage of the sweet heart offer!

YogaHub's Sneak Peek Preview Event

Click here for Ishwari’s New Anusara Yoga class schedule.

The Anusara Immersion with Ishwari and Hareesh has been postponed. New dates TBA.


Anusara Yoga, Demo with Ishwari Jay

Yogabhava inspires a way of living that nourishes your body & soul. We are holistic beings meant to live a holistic lifestyle. Yogabhava offers Anusara Yoga, Living Food Nutrition Consulting, Sacred Movement, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Breath to help you find your inner natural bliss, boundless energy & spiritual freedom. Programs include: classes, workshops, seminars, online courses, individual sessions, lectures & retreats worldwide.

Yogabhava’s 9 Essential Steps for Conscious Living & Holistic Lifestyle

Yogabhava’s nine essential steps to conscious living and holistic lifestyle is

a complete method to move toward an empowered life on a physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual level. We are quantum beings meant to align with

universal laws and principle. This program provides all the information and

solution you need to thrive, feel boundless energy and emotional freedom.

Our health is our most precious wealth. You will learn how to maintain it,

prevent modern diseases and tap into the infinite source of energy within.

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20 Minutes Interview on Conscious Living with Ishwari Jay:

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