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Give and you shall Receive

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

WAH! Did you know that Google gave $ 20 millions to charity in 2010. I’m not only touched, I’m also more inspired than ever of creating and generating millions in revenues so I too can give real substantial support to those in need like Google.

We can begin by giving as little as10% of your revenue to your favorite non-profit!

What we don’t realize is that the Universal Laws and Principles of life are always an expression of prosperity and wealth. So all we have to do is to align with these Universal energy frequencies to experience abundance not only financially but also with regard to health, fulfilling relationships and spiritual connection. Know the lows, align with them entirely and they shall set you free.  Living abundantly is leaving the fear and scarcity consciousness behind. This is a challenge in today’s economy particularly because of the collective consciousness which is fear base and affect our way of thinking. We have to move beyond, maintain a connection with higher frequencies through practices such as meditation and yoga to see the bigger picture.

Google is an example a highly successful company which is applying the law of giving, know that in giving we receive. In fact giving and receiving being the two side of a polarity, when we start to give more without ANY agenda we begin to receive more.  Having an Agenda is the scarcity consciousness of ego who is still in a place of distrust.  Having faith in a bigger energy, a higher power then giving fearlessly which doesn’t have to be money, it could be time, love and efforts, is the greatest investment we can make at this time.