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Be the Change: What Will You Do Today?

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Here are two short stories about how I was holding the space for “being the change” as Gandhi said:

Story One:

On my way to a workshop, I saw a young man asking for money standing by the traffic light. I drove through then had a 2nd thought and stop, double parked to walk back and give some money. A man stopped his car right behind me & I thought he… didn’t understand that I had stopped my car in a really non appropriate place on the road just for a moment. So I walked to him and told him that he should drive around cause I was about to give some money to the beggar. To my amazement the man passed me his big grocery shopping bag through the window. He said no word but we understood each other. I gave him a BIG smile and said thank you so much! Really exited, I ran across the road with the shopping bag and my money toward the young beggar and I notice his wife and 3 kids were on the side and a little 5 years old ran toward me with a big smile and took the grocery bag and his eyes were glowing when he took the money. I my heart was so full in that moment. I offered a little prayer to this family & went to teach my yoga workshop.

Story Two:

Here is another story: I never go to Vons but last time It was late and I just wanted to grab some organic bananas for my morning superfood smoothie. The cashier automatically put the bananas in a plastic bag. I told her no plastic, please, it’s an environmental matter.
Next to me at the other cashier, a lady had about 6 plastic bags as they don’t even filled them up! She heard me, I looked at her. I saw in her energy that she was receptive so I said: Did you hear what I was saying? She said yes, in fact it made me feel bad about all my plastic bags. I said that’s awesome!! that means you care!! Do you know that the issue of plastic bags in our oceans is so devastating that plastic is now going into the food chain, therefore into you as you eat. That’s awful she said, I didn’t know. So I said: Well if I was you I would use my own bags or ask the cashier for this time to use paper bags. She actually changed all her plastic bags with those paper bags that don’t even have any handle as this is all what Vons had. I said to the lady:” bye bye, please do your research & tell your friends and family!” She said: I will.

Be the change you want to see. We’ve heard it. We’ve said it. but… What will you do today to apply it?