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Health is Your True Wealth

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Take extreme care of your health!

Health is true wealth. You don’t want the richest man in a graveyard as Tony Robbin says. Well the greatest death is death by medicine.

Harmful Chemicals in foods:

Heart disease, cancer and diabetes, belly fat is not only unattractive it’s dangerous and anti longevity.

There are more than 80,000 man-made chemicals in use in the U.S. BUT only about 200 have been required to be tested for safety.

Every American alive today, including newborn babies, has hundreds of chemicals flowing through our blood. Some of these substances may cause prostate and breast cancers, diabetes, heart disease, lowered sperm counts, early puberty and other diseases and disorders.

But current laws are tilted drastically in favor of the manufacturers. The burden of proving that a chemical is harmful is so extreme that only one group of chemicals, PCBs, has ever been banned.

Loosing weight: Stay away from refine & artificial sugar!

Counting calorie and eating less to loose weight doesn’t work. The reality is everyone knows that and still 3 American over 5 over obese or over weight.  The process food is full off sugar and when we eat all that sugar we raise the insulin level in the body which makes the fat cells grow. So when you keep the insulin level low, fat goes away especially around the waist. Jorge Cruise, author of “The Belly Fat Cure”, recommend a maximum of 15 grams of sugar in one day spread out through the day and 6 serving of carbohydrates a day, that’s 120 grams. Purvia, zalatol, stevia, are natural sweeteners with no calories and are not artificial. Artificial sugar causes very harmful neurological damage to your brain so skip the diet sodas and all process food that says no sugar and in the ingredient you see artificial sweeteners such as aspartame for instance. Replace with raw honey, stevia, real raw agave or any other non refined sweeteners.