Yogabhava, It’s a Lifestyle!

Yogabhava, founded by Ishwari Jay, inspires a way of living that nourishes your body & soul. We are holistic beings meant to live a holistic lifestyle. Yogabhava offers Anusara Yoga, Living Food Nutrition Consulting, Sacred Movement, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Breath (9 essential Steps to Holistic Lifestyle) to help you find your inner natural bliss, boundless energy & spiritual freedom. Programs include: classes, workshops, seminars, online courses, individual sessions, lectures & retreats worldwide.

Vision: For everyone, everywhere, to recognize their absolute oneness with the infinite universal creative power, the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of vibrant health and lasting happiness.

Mission: To impart the universal knowledge of ultimate freedom and make it accessible to those who choose to expand their potential and align with these universal laws & principles through seminars, retreats, teacher trainings, workshops, mentoring & coaching worldwide.


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