Ishwari, Certified Anusara Teacher, Author, Speaker

Born in France, Ishwari has been a student of yoga and tantric philosophy since 1991.  She has studied all main scriptures of classical yoga, vedanta and tantra in various ashrams including two years in India with her spiritual master, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.  She met John Friend in 1994, three years before he founded Anusara yoga and followed his teachings and the Anusara path from the very start. She has been a Certified Anusara Teacher since 2007. Her passion and knowledge of Anusara and the tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness is contagious, and she has enjoyed the last decade empowering people to reach their full potential & embracing the own gift. Ishwari is also a certified empowerment coach, author “The Power of Breath”, speaker, conscious lifestyle consultant and is the founder of Yogabhava.

“There is a place within, that is pure joy, pure love and immaculate peace. It is not a birthright yet it is in all of us. All we need is to cultivate a relationship with it and embrace our-self as we are while walking this path finding our unique expression and share it with the world. May every aspect of my teaching take my students closer to their own source of joy so they can live their true purpose, find freedom and pass this on to everyone they come in contact with”. Ishwari


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