Ishwari Jay

Ishwari_Jay-2075Founder of Yogabhava and Celebreath®, Ishwari began her spiritual journey in her native France at age six, when she experienced the oneness with her Divine Essence. Her innate ability to see and hear things beyond the range of the physical senses alarmed her parents, who took her to many doctors. Without any answers, the doctors decided to prescribe Valium, a powerful tranquilizer, by age eight. The drug disconnected Ishwari from her natural access to the divine plane, leaving her numb, depressed, and rebellious. At the age of 21, while studying acting in Paris, she felt such a void inside that she didn’t want to be alive any longer. The night of her 21st birthday, as she contemplated ending her life, God’s grace came to awaken her soul, and she rediscovered what she had lost as a child: God within herself and everywhere.

She then spent many years in the ashram of her spiritual teacher, Swami Chivilasananda, where she studied all the main scriptures of classical yoga, vedanta, tantra and holistic health such as ayurveda. She also studied advanced hatha yoga systems under top teachers such as John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga and former Iyengar yoga instructor, as well as Tim Miller, who was the first certified American Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher, trained directly by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. She then became a senior certified Anusara yoga teacher in early 20??and offered yoga teacher trainings and retreats worldwide.

Today, Ishwari is a sought-after spiritual teacher, keynote speaker, and trainer, who specializes in teaching social and spiritual leaders how to move beyond any mental blocks and limitations and embody the mindset of total inner freedom, using ancient yogic knowledge combined with modern science. She has delivered her transformational and experiential programs to large audiences at yoga and health conferences, large empowerment seminar companies, and online summits.

She is also the author of a self-published book, The Power of Breath, co-author of the national best-selling book, Initiative, creator of the Amazon best-selling DVD, Heart Flow Yoga, as well as a certified empowerment coach, a fitness trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise, a reiki master, a Breath Trauma Release facilitator, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Combining her innate entrepreneurial abilities, her deep spiritual knowledge, and her natural intuitive skills, Ishwari has successfully empowered thousands of students and clients worldwide to find their own inner power and to live in harmony with their soul’s purpose and their joyful true nature.

“There is a place within that is pure joy, pure love, and immaculate peace. It is a birthright that resides in all of us, though often veiled by our conditioning. All we need is to cultivate a relationship with it and embrace ourselves as we are, while we walk the path to discovering our unique expression … then share it with the world.” — Ishwari


Short Yoga Bio:

Ishwari Jay is a yogini, entrepreneur, “lightworker” and healthy lifestyle advocate. She began her meditation journey at six and lived closed to her spiritual teacher to study yoga philosophy and immersing herself in intense yogic practices & “ashram life” for 14 years. She’s has been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1991 and began teaching yoga & meditation since 1998

Ishwari’s classes and workshops playfully invite her students to discover their fullest potential and expand their awareness of reality. Her deep knowledge of the yogic scriptures and biomechanical physical principles of alignment blended with her heart centered themes and great humor are weaved throughout the sessions, taking the students to a powerful transformational journey.

Ishwari is the author of her self publish book, The Power of Breath, the co-author of the national bestselling book, Initiative & the creator of the Amazon best-selling yoga DVD, Heart Flow Yoga.

She is also a business strategist, consultant, and expert in marketing online/offline. She is founder of Marketing Funnels and Launches (, which offers powerful digital marketing strategies to help clients leverage the power of the internet, putting it on auto pilot so her clients can focus on what they are really passionate about… their business.


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