Celebreath®: Embracing Your Ecstatic Self NOW!

Harbin Hot Springs Retreat & Workshop Center, Middletown, CA -- www.harbin.org

“Every moment of your life has been carefully planned to help you further on your journey and you are surrounded by love even in the greatest suffering and lowest places life may take you. The ultimate purpose of all human incarnation is to return to our innate nature of boundless freedom, boundless energy total self realization as the divine creative power at the source of all. That which dwells within you as you for you, loves you, cherishes you.” ~ Ishwari Jay

Celebreath® is an “active healing personal growth method” which combines breath, movement (blending ecstatic dance & yoga), DSC07245meditation, mind re-programing and sounds which leads participants to a higher sense of freedom and joy while releasing their past limiting conditioning.



Celebreath® is as process dedicated to providing tools for spiritually awakened beings to tap into their intuitive nature, manifest in the world, release the past and experience their true essence of bliss. Celebreath® works in reprogramming the subconscious mind balancing our emotions states for optimal performance & inner freedom. Celebreath® modalities include: Breath, sound, dance, specific meditation techniques & mental reprogramming (Using NLP, visualization & EFT) blended into a unique 90 minute “intensive process” tha


t leads participants to a higher sense of freedom and joy.

After attending a Celebreath® process, participants experience radical transformation, profound insights and deep connection with themselves and others. They have a deeper sense of clarity and directions & notice that certain blocks in their life seems to disappear, shifting their life into greater ease and contentment.

Celebreath® benefits include:

  • Help unleash all barriers that veil the connection to your divine optimal potential,
  • Help with developing a deep connection to your intuitive self and create their “road map” for your life’s higher purpose,
  • Increase self confidence and worthinessDSC07273
  • Helps with finding your ultimate purpose in life or gaining clarity that will take your existing purpose to a whole new level,
  • Release emotional baggage that may hold you back,
  • Get rid of addictions, dependencies, cravings
  • Gain boundless energy
  • Find the real source of love
  • Experience your own power
  • Connect deeply with yourself & other participants
  • Get support to move forward in your life.
  • Find lasting inner peace and emotional balance
  • Learn practical tools for optimal lifestyle, health & fitness

During a Celebreath® Process, participants are invited to:

  • Share their intentions in a powerful circle of healing.DSC07309
  • Bathe deep into union with source and emerge with a remembrance of their greatness and true worthiness
  • Learn Principles of alignment and aligning their body blueprint
  • Access deep emotional experiences with breath work
  • Experience reprogramming techniques for addictions and dependencies
  • Explore sacred movement techniques to harness boundless energy & connect to their wild spirit essence
  • Experience the true source of love within themselves
  • Have a blast!


“By combining Breath, Movement, Stillness and Sound Vibration we enter the Flow State where, a powerful healing transformation occurs.” ~Ishwari Jay

Harbin Hot Springs Retreat & Workshop Center, Middletown, CA -- www.harbin.org


“When everyone got up to move, I got stuck with an old negative pattern & didn’t want to move. As I lied on the floor in a fetus position, you came to cradle me exactly like a shamanic healer who I have been working with does to me. It felt like you were him & knew exactly what I needed. At that moment, while you were holding me with so much love, continuing leading the rest of the group into the expressive movement, the darkness disappeared, and light pervaded my whole being. Suddenly, I felt bliss & the negative feelings were completely gone!”

~ Marie John, CA

“I love, that you didn’t impose any phases of the healing process & invited us to follow our intuitive guidance. It felt freeing & I was able to release some stuff that I had been holding on for years. At the end, my heart was really open & I felt totally connected to God, myself & the group. You offered the most powerful healing techniques in such a concentrated, intensive session. This process is perfect for people who need to fastback their growth & expansion.”

~ Patrick Harold, CA

“I see you as a true healer & Divine channel. I had been with many spiritual teachers over the years but I felt that you have the ability to be a clear conduit. I felt that you are the real deal”

~ David Reece, CA

“It usually takes me a long time to open up to a new spiritual teacher but because of your energy, contagious joy & humor, I dropped deep into the healing process right away.”
~ Anne Self
, CA

“Your healing work was extremely powerful. I was visited by my past grandmothers and three women in white who held my head, knees, and feet … My whole body tingled w god energy. It was very hard to leave them and I was filled with love and joy.”
~ Belen Arellano, CA

“Before working with Ishwari’s processes, I was all over the map. With the her program, I realized that I was controlled by the 10 year old boy inside me who was actually running my life and that I had so many fears including fear of success so that I would not venture on doing anything. After just two Mentoring sessions, I  narrowed in on one thing, put my energy behind it and now I have clients who pay me thousands of dollars.  I honestly owe all of this to your powerful programs.”

~ Anthony Anderson, CA


Celebreath, Ishwari Jay

Check out some fascinating research about the modalities used in Celebreath® HERE

1. BREATH: Connect with the your Inner Power

“The life force which sustains the whole universe is infused in the breath. Learn to breathe in way that will supercharge every aspect of your life.” ~Ishwari Jay


The Breath is the most important function of the body for all the other functions depend on the breath. The Breath is the conductor of: your body, your mind/emotion and your spirit. Learn the secrets of mastering the breath and you will be the conductor of a healthy body, a sharp and peaceful mind, and an emotionally balanced spirit that will open you to infinite possibility. The processes taking place during Celebreath’s Intensives and Camps are life transforming. Reclaim your innate nature of Boundless Energy and Emotional Freedom.

 2. MOVEMENT: Awaken the Dormant Spiritual Energy

“Movement is the return to nature’s ways; as Einstein said ~Nothing happens until something moves. Vibrant Health and Permanent Happiness is the bi-product of ecstatic movements” ~Ishwari Jay


Dance, as a movement ritual, is a powerful healing practice to connect with your heart, with each other and Source. Yoga Tribal Dance is a guided and inspired process of opening the body, mind, and spirit, dropping the ego, and freeing your life-force through particular movement techniques as well as invited spontaneous expression. You don’t have to be a dancer or a yogi, as we are all innately attuned to rhythm – since being in the womb and hearing the beating heart of our mothers. We will create a safe, sacred space to share in this most ancient and universal form of embodied prayer – the Dance! 
Yoga Tribal Dance is a form of healing and movement therapy. Come to Celebreath’s Intensive with an open mind, prepared to sweat and leave with peace, clarity, and the flame of the life force burning inside! May the Dance of Life be re-ignited within each one of us, and everywhere on earth in this time of transformation and evolution.

 3. VISUALIZATION: Reprogramming your Mind to Freedom

“What you can see and visualize as possible, you can create.” ~Ishwari Jay

The power of visualization has been known for ages. Ancient culture would manifest, using the power of intention and group visualization. The mind has the power to create whatever we believe to be true. The creative part of the mind connects with the right hemisphere of the brain. It is associated with the Limbic Brain which operates with images. Being guided into a flow state (meditation), with visualization and intention has the power to bring you what you want in life. Doing these processes as a group during the Intensive and Camps, intensifies your desired outcome.

4. SOUND: Returning to the Creative Source Within

“From nothing, everything emerged out of a sound vibration. That vibration dwells within us. Return to you own primordial sound to reclaim you unlimited creative power”. ~Ishwari Jay

Most Holy Scriptures, state that the universal creation began with sound. The creative cycle is a constant dance that can be accessed within to manifest a life of success in all areas, boundless energy and abundance. Using ancient sound vibration called “primordial sounds”, your energy frequency begins to vibrate in unison with the vibration of joy, ecstasy, clarity, courage, contentment and healing and you can utilize these higher qualities to live from a higher standard all the time. Chanting mantra at the Intensives and Camps ignites and awakens feelings within that result in a higher quality of life.

Celebreath is a practical path to living life to the fullest, in alignment with your divine purpose in Thoughts, feelings and actions.


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