Yogabhava, It’s a Lifestyle!

Yogabhava inspires a way of living that nourishes your body & soul. We are holistic beings meant to live a holistic lifestyle. Yogabhava offers Anusara Yoga, Living Food Nutrition Consulting, Sacred Movement, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Breath to help you find your inner natural bliss, boundless energy & spiritual freedom. Programs include: classes, workshops, seminars, online courses, individual sessions, lectures & retreats worldwide.

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Vision: For everyone, everywhere, to recognize their absolute oneness with the infinite universal creative power, the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of vibrant health and lasting happiness.

Mission: To impart the universal knowledge of ultimate freedom and make it accessible to those who choose to expand their potential and align with these universal laws & principles through seminars, retreats, teacher trainings, workshops, mentoring & coaching worldwide.

Yogabhava’s 9 Essential Steps for Conscious Living & Holistic Lifestyle

Yogabhava’s nine essential steps to conscious living and holistic lifestyle is
a complete method to move toward an empowered life on a physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual level. We are quantum beings meant to align with
universal laws and principle. This program provides all the information and
solution you need to thrive, feel boundless energy and emotional freedom.
Our health is our most precious wealth. You will learn how to maintain it, prevent modern diseases and tap into the infinite source of energy within.

This program can be offered in different formats such as: Two hour introduction event followed with One day workshop or 2 days. Available  for multi speaker events or one on one coaching/mentoring virtual program.


  1. Oxygen/Breath-Life Force
  2. Optimal Hydration: Structured Cleaned Water (Heavy Metal & Chemical Free).
  3. Optimal Nutrition: Vegan Living Food Lifestyle
  4. Cleansing
  5. Optimal Rest
  6. Light/Sun
  7. Optimal Environment: Chemical Free Lifestyle, EMF Conscious, Circadian Rhythm, Uplifting Relationships, Community/Service, Purpose, TV/radio.
  8. Movement: Spirit Dance/ Anusara Yoga (increase of good neuro-chemicals: serotonin, dopamine)
  9. Spiritual Practices: Meditation/Devotion/Self Study (Trika Yoga: Shiva/Shakti/Nara)/ Cultivate Heart’s Virtues

See Yogabhava’s Nine Essential Steps Detailed Outline

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