Yogabhava, It’s a Lifestyle!

smallYogabhava inspires a way of living that nourishes your body & soul. We are holistic beings meant to live a holistic lifestyle. Yogabhava offers Heart centered yoga flow (all levels), Living Food Nutrition Consulting, Sacred Movement, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Breath to help you find your inner natural bliss, boundless energy & spiritual freedom. Programs include: classes, workshops, seminars, online courses, individual sessions, lectures & retreats worldwide.


Vision: For everyone, everywhere, to recognize their absolute oneness with the infinite universal creative power, the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of vibrant health and lasting happiness.

Mission: To impart the universal knowledge of ultimate freedom and make it accessible to those who choose to expand their potential and align with these universal laws & principles through seminars, retreats, teacher trainings, workshops, mentoring & coaching worldwide.




“When everyone got up to move, I got stuck with an old negative pattern & didn’t want to move. As I lied on the floor in a fetus position, you came to cradle me exactly like a shamanic healer who I have been working with does to me. It felt like you were him & knew exactly what I needed. At that moment, while you were holding me with so much love, continuing leading the rest of the group into the expressive movement, the darkness disappeared, and light pervaded my whole being. Suddenly, I felt bliss & the negative feelings were completely gone!”

~ Marie John, CA

“I love, that you didn’t impose any phases of the healing process & invited us to follow our intuitive guidance. It felt freeing & I was able to release some stuff that I had been holding on for years. At the end, my heart was really open & I felt totally connected to God, myself & the group. You offered the most powerful healing techniques in such a concentrated, intensive session. This process is perfect for people who need to fastback their growth & expansion.”

~ Patrick Harold, CA

“I see you as a true healer & Divine channel. I had been with many spiritual teachers over the years but I felt that you have the ability to be a clear conduit. I felt that you are the real deal”

~ David Reece, CA

“It usually takes me a long time to open up to a new spiritual teacher but because of your energy, contagious joy & humor, I dropped deep into the healing process right away.”
~ Anne Self
, CA

“Your healing work was extremely powerful. I was visited by my past grandmothers and three women in white who held my head, knees, and feet … My whole body tingled w god energy. It was very hard to leave them and I was filled with love and joy.”
~ Belen Arellano, CA

“Before working with Ishwari’s processes, I was all over the map. With the her program, I realized that I was controlled by the 10 year old boy inside me who was actually running my life and that I had so many fears including fear of success so that I would not venture on doing anything. After just two Mentoring sessions, I  narrowed in on one thing, put my energy behind it and now I have clients who pay me thousands of dollars.  I honestly owe all of this to your powerful programs.”

~ Anthony Anderson, CA


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