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March 10

Ishwari will be speaking at the Winter & Wellness Summit on Thurs March 10 from 11am to 12pm PDT.

This audio summit features some of the top pioneers in health, spirituality and Quantum Mechanics. Register for this incredible FREE Wellness & Spiritual Networks Summit HERE (The event has already began!)

Ishwari’s Presentation: Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Life!

You’ve heard it! You may even have preached it to your friends and family: obstacles are opportunities in disguise, however, have you really experienced it?

In this presentation, Ishwari Jay will teach you the step by step blueprint that allowed her overcome her greatest obstacles including: Depression, overeating disorder, trauma, physical and sexual abuse, lack of money and serious injuries…

She’ll reveal how she used all her life obstacles and challenges as a springboard to liberation and reversed these challenges into opportunities, coming out of her experiences with a healthy body, in touch with her highest source of joy and peace, in her top physical shape, earning greater income, and able to connect to her spirit guide in a peaceful state of active surrender.

She will share her step by step blueprint using ancient yogic principles blended with modern science to achieve tremendous outcome of peace, health,abundance and connection to the source of infinite bliss.


May 16

Saturday May 16 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm IsCelebreath, Ishwari Jayhwari will facilitate Celebreath® at Yoga Kula, Berkeley.

Buy your tickets HERE



Up Coming Workshop at Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree Hayes (SF) 1:15 – 4:15pmishwari gratitude

Sunday 5/31/15

Yoga Tree Telegraph (Berkeley) 11am – 2pm

Sunday 6/14/15

Advance Your Teaching Skills & The Yoga of Marketing (Registration Link coming up soon)


Starting as a yoga teacher is challenging and overwhelming!

This workshop will deepen your ability to attract yoga students using Yogic Universal Laws and the Principles of Abundance.

You will raise the bar of your practice by learning advanced teaching skills and embody a mindset that draws students to you. You  will also learn automated ways to leverage the power of social media and marketing funnels to grow your list of followers easier and faster.


Yoga Tree Hayes (SF) 1:15 – 4:15pm Ishwari_Jay-2075

Sunday 6/7/15

Yoga Tree Telegraph (Berkeley) 3 – 6pm

Sunday 6/14/15

Yoga Tree Corte Madera (Marin) 1 – 4pm

Sunday 7/12/15


The Urban Path to Enlightenment! (Registration Link coming up soon)

Moksha (Enlightenment) is already attained! This workshop is about unwinding what has been superimposed, and what has veiled our capacity to live in a state of freedom and love. This is a highly experiential workshop that blends breathing techniques for Kundalini activation and trauma release, yoga nidra meditation, sacred movement, scriptural study, inquiry and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). This is weaved together with the study of yoga scriptures from Kashmir Shaivism.

This workshop supports the release of old non supportive patterns, allowing you to experience the unstoppable, ecstatic, Higher Self while deepening an understanding of tantric yoga philosophy. This workshop will demystify challenging scriptural text, making them applicable for daily life thus allowing you to confront challenges with greater ease and Grace.


On Going


Harbin Hot Springs Retreat & Workshop Center, Middletown, CA -- www.harbin.orgIshwari Facilitates Celebreath® every other Thursday at Harbin Hot Springs
Yoga Subbing Class schedule at Yoga Tree (This Schedule changes weekly)

Strength slideYoga Classes Schedule, San Francisco:

Tuesday March 3rd:  Yoga Tree Valencia 4:30pm

Wednesday March 4th: Yoga Tree Potrero 6:15pm

Thursday March 5th: Yoga Tree Valencia 4:30pm


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