Ishwari JayIshwari Jay is a yogini, light-worker, entrepreneur and speaker.

Her spiritual journey started early, at the age of six, when she experienced spontaneous meditation. At 21 she found her spiritual teacher and moved to various ashrams to study yoga philosophy, immersing herself in intense yogic practices for 14 years.


Ishwari has been teaching hatha yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, speaking on yoga philosophy and spiritual lifestyle, conducting teacher training and retreats, and facilitating healing circles, to large audiences all over the world since 1998.


Her contagious heart based teachings, are free spirited, blended with humor, devotion, and in-depth experiential knowledge. She conveys how to live in alignment with Universal Principles using scriptural knowledge, and biomechanical physical alignment, which are weaved throughout her teachings. This powerful combination has helped Ishwari to transform the lives of thousands by releasing them from non-supportive patterns and reconnected them to their free essential nature.


She currently offers classes in hatha yoga flow, yoga nidra meditation, facilitates her process called “Celebr1928290_7799500451_3624_neath® which combines powerful breath modalities and movement to release old patterns and trauma. She also offers presentations on practical yogic lifestyle and helps yogis develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Her students share that being around Ishwari is highly transformational: As they keep coming back to her bright presence and profound teachings, they access new levels of freedom.
Ishwari is the author of a self-published book, The Power of Breath, and co-author of the national bestselling book, Initiative. She is the creator of the Amazon’s best-selling yoga DVD, Heart Flow Yoga.

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