The Science Supporting the Healing and Transformational Power of the Celebreath Method


Quantum-Entanglement-atomic-Truly-Alive-MagazineCelebreath is a sophisticated transformational and healing program that encompass some of the most powerful tools for trauma healing, stress & anxiety reduction, and to attained the highest level of consciousness, inner peace, love and freedom that one can experience as a empowered human being.

What makes Celebreath so powerful is not just that it uses the most powerful healing & personal growth technologies, it’s that the specific ways that these tools are combined creates a powerful synergy that results in a fast track healing and transformation.


Some of the modalities used in the Celebreath programs include:


  • Yoga nidra meditation
  • Deep Breathing
  • Sacred movement
  • Sound healing
  • Color and fragrance therapy
  • NLP
  • EFT
  • Forgiveness/Compassion Visualization
  • Flow writing, drawing & singing
  • Entanglement physics (connecting with energetic intelligence and physical reality)


Below are some links with scientific research regarding the

benefits of these techniques


Benefit and research of Yoga Nidra meditation:





Deep Breathing:


Movement, bouncing, dancing:


NLP- Neuro-linguistic_programming:


EFT- Emotional_Freedom_Techniques:




Sound healing:


Healing power of fragrance:


Flow writing, drawing & singing:


What is unique about Celebreath is that the facilitators are trained to create healing and transformation using the principles of entanglement


Using the principles & laws of entanglement in healing & personal transformation:



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