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Anusara Yoga Trainings Coaching Certification
Yogabhava 200 Hours Teacher Training. This training in
the Anusara Yoga method provides an in depth curriculum to become a
yoga teacher.Click here for details…Immersions level 1, 2, & 3. Deepen your spiritual
journey and Anusara practice by immersing yourself in this Anusara
Yoga intense training. Click here for details…
Spiritual Coaching Certification. Make it a Financially
Rewarding Career. Click here for details…Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Certification. Health is true
Wealth. Learn the career of taking other to their optimal health.
Click here for details…
One on one Virtual Coaching/Mentoring Private session in person
Weight loss. This coaching curriculum is not just about
loosing weight, it is also to free you from the concept of diet
while enjoying a thin and healthy body. Click here for details…Back to Radiant Health. Commit to taking your health to a
whole new level. This program help release addictions, craving,
procrastination, set a healthy lifestyle and gets result. Click here for details

Spiritual 101. Starting on a spiritual quest can be sometime
confusing and although there are many path leading to the one ocean
some can be more complicated than other. This program brings
clarity, help set up a spiritual life style routine while looking
at limited subconscious mechanism that block the spiritual growth.
Click here for details…

Relationship & Communication. Using coaching principle
and non violent communication,find the common ground that can make
your relationship steady while learning a compassionate way to
relate to each other and develop intimacy.Click here for details…

Anusara Yoga Practice. One on one Anusara yoga is a way
to fast track your yoga practice and work on specific aspects with
100% attention. Click here for details…Yoga Therapeutics. This focuses on healing injuries, muscle
tightness and can also help for mental and emotional
imbalances.Click here for details…Meditation & Breath work.With total guidance learn the power of breath and
meditation.Click here for details…

Personal Training. Having a strong body supports having a
strong mind. With personal training you can regain and maintain
physical power while getting more energy and stamina. Click here
for details…

Nutrition Consulting. “Let food be thy medicine and thy
medicine be thy food”. Learn optimal Nutrition adding raw vegan
diet to your existing diet to the degree you are comfortable and
see you unhealthy symptoms disappear! Click here for

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