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Turn Inside to Find Peace, Clarity & Boundless Energy: Meditate

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

I have been practicing meditation for 20 years and I am clear that this has created radical shifts and miracles in my life! May this video refresh your inspiration & commitment to meditate daily:


Theory of Pulsation & Complementary Class Coupon

Monday, March 7th, 2016

This Entire Universe is a constant pulsation that contracts and expands from an eternal source that has not beginning and no end. That pulsation is called The Spanda in Tantric tradition. It can be experienced in everything and in every moment. When we begin to focus on the pulsation at the source of life we return to that source and experience the deep connection with everything. Seating in mediation watching the Spanda in the form of breath contracting and expending. Or through out the day, watching the Spanda arising from the Atman (the Inner Self) as an impulse that transforms into though patterns creating myriad of thoughts which create our own worlds. When we can bring our-self back to the source where the Spanda begins its pulsation, we can begin to master our own thoughts, feelings and life flows effortlessly. Struggle is not a requirement for our Sadhanan (spiritual journey). Even if the world is moving into a huge contraction, we can find a path of least resistance and “Be in the Spanda” with much more “suka” (ease) than Duka (pain). The choice is always ours. Since time is only real in the physical plane, the spanda both contracts and expands simultaneously at all time. As our world goes through a period of contraction, we have the choice to contract with is or expand. Contractions are always and opportunity for greater expansion when we realize our choice not to get sucked in the Lila (the play of consciousness) or Maya (Our own play both individual and collective). When we connect to source, letting the inner guidance take us to a new level we experience greater expansion, love & inner power. Then we know that everything is a perfect unfoldment and we participate with it from a place of service to one another. 

We are One People Living in 7 Billion Worlds.



Below is a complementary class coupon valid until July 31, for my Tuesday class at willows Yoga at 6:30. If you already have a path at the willows, please forward this coupon to someone who would appreciate this gift from you.

I will not be teaching this week, due to recovering from the Flu and I’m looking forward to see you next week and meet your friends who you forwarded the coupon to! 🙂

Class canceled this week only:
Tuesday at
Willow Yoga from 6:30pm to 8pm

Much Love,


YogaHub’s second annual Virtual Yoga and Meditation conference

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I’m excited to be teaching Anusara Yoga at YogaHub’s second annual Virtual Yoga and Meditation conference this February.

Have you registered yet? You don’t want to miss the 2nd Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference. Time is running out, you only have a few short weeks left to join…

What makes this virtual conference different from others is that you will be able to participate from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have a phone or internet access. Yes, it really is that simple. All you have to do is to register today.

You’ll have access to a variety of topics that will give you tools and techniques on how to maintain balance and wellbeing in your life. This diverse range of topics will include yogic practices, health and wellness, nutrition, cultural and indigenous medicine, as well as professional development and management sessions for yoga instructors and wellness practitioners.

Still on the fence about participating? Well, to whet your appetite, here is a selection of topics and presenters for the virtual conference:

Master teacher Nischala Joy Devi teaches you the perfect balance of heart and head. With Bhakti yoga igniting the heart of devotion, and Jnani yoga cultivating intuitive wisdom, you’ll see how both support your own inner guidance system.

Gary Kraftsow teaches the essential element of viyoga, which literally means “separation” and how we can use it to let go of unhealthy attachments, give up self-destructive behavior, and break detrimental relationships.

Molly Lannon Kenny teaches you how Avidya (wrong knowledge) keeps us in bondage as we cling to a wrong impression of self that’s the major obstacle to being happy.

Chaya Sharon Heller shares the secrets of Ayruveda, and instructs you on how special breathing patterns practiced during asana can bring the mind and body back into balance.

The above presentations are just a taste of what’s to come. There are now officially over 75 speakers and presenters who are excited about sharing their knowledge and expertise with you on yoga, meditation, health and wellness for a combined total of 100+ hours of jam-packed programming. For a complete list, check out the conference site and make sure you take a peak at their 2011 Program Guide.

Yoga and other self-awareness traditions make a real difference, not only in the world but also for you as an individual. So please join in the fun and explore new ways to find balance and peace in your life.

Register today online, or call 1-888-YOGA-HUB to reserve your seat.


Ishwari Jay

PS. Make sure to use coupon code (ISHWARI) during checkout and you’ll save $50 off the registration fee.

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