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Turn Inside to Find Peace, Clarity & Boundless Energy: Meditate

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

I have been practicing meditation for 20 years and I am clear that this has created radical shifts and miracles in my life! May this video refresh your inspiration & commitment to meditate daily:


Feng Shui: 6 Steps to Create Happiness and Wealth in Your Life

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Article by Marie Diamond

1. What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, is an ancient art and science based on laws that govern the flow of energy. The Chinese called it Chi or Qi. By creating improvements in the flow of Chi in your home or office, you create positive changes in your life.

2. What is Diamond Feng Shui?

Marie Diamond has studied the Laws of the Universe since she was 7 years old and has seen that Happiness and Wealth depend on 3 aspects. She calls this the quantum physics of the home.

You can attract happiness and wealth with your spirit and mind but if your home is not telling the universe the same, the universe cannot deliver.

Two important parts of the Law of Attraction are: Act as if and Like attracts like. You can act as if you are already wealthy and happy by making your home and workspace exactly as you wish.

If you create disharmony around you, the universe can’t bring you harmony because the message between your mind and your environment need to be in sync for manifestation to occur.

1 – Your Heaven Luck: Every human being born on this planet is not only living this one life. You are coming in with a bag of Heavenly Good and/or Bad Luck. These are simply actions, thoughts, and emotions you have created in a past life experience. This creates 1/3 of the Law of Attraction. What you have created in a past life experience will reflect in the life circumstances you were born into.

The astrologer will tell you: tell me when you are born and I will tell you your life.

2 – Your Human Luck: Every human being has a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience and how you use your talents and skills to attract happiness and wealth, is 1/3 of your Law of Attraction.
What you create through living your daily life as a human being will reflect in the life circumstances you are creating. Your attitudes and behaviors will determine what you do with your life.

The psychologist will tell you: tell me how you think, how you feel and how you act, and I will tell you your life.

3 – Your Earth Luck: Every human being lives in several environments: your home, your workspace, your community, your country, the earth. This creates 1/3 of the Law of Attraction.
The positive or negative influence of these environments reflects on your life and work.

The Feng Shui specialist will tell you: show me your home and I will tell you your life.
Marie Diamond has discovered that these 3 kinds of luck are totally interconnected and that the Law of attraction works on these 3 levels.

Improve your destiny, and you will attract your greatest dreams.
Improve how you think, feel, and act, and you will improve your destiny.
Improve your home, and you will think, feel, and act differently.


Improving your home is the easiest of all.

Changing your bed, changing pictures, changing the flow, can all be done in a couple of minutes.
Changing your destiny and changing your thoughts and feelings, can take many years of practicing.

In this Free Diamond E-Book, Marie Diamond gives you the first 6 steps to use the Law of Attraction in your home. Use the Secret of the Law of Attraction in your home to change your life and your destiny.

Marie Diamond wishes for each of you that you become the Queen or King in your own Universe. Your home or office is your castle in your universe. Marie will explain the 6 steps to be free to manifest all the wealth and happiness that you as a queen or king deserve to have in the universe of your life.


The Law of the Attraction says you can’t go from where you are to where you want to go, if you are not grateful for what you have.

How to be grateful in Diamond Feng Shui?

Gratitude for your environment is by taking care of what you have.

1 – Clean up your home and office: garbage bins cleaned out, no clutter, no spider webs, and no piles of books or magazines.

2 – It is better to hide things in closets and cabinets than show disorder in your energy field- you can organize it later if necessary.

3 – Paint old surfaces, put lights in dark corners.

4 – Wipe the dust and clean the floor.

5 – Remove dead as well as dried flowers.

6 – Place fresh bouquets to thank your home for sheltering, supporting and loving you.

Click here for Part 2 – Create Happiness and Wealth with Feng Shui – Steps 2 and 3

Good Fortune,

Marie Diamond

Theory of Pulsation & Complementary Class Coupon

Monday, March 7th, 2016

This Entire Universe is a constant pulsation that contracts and expands from an eternal source that has not beginning and no end. That pulsation is called The Spanda in Tantric tradition. It can be experienced in everything and in every moment. When we begin to focus on the pulsation at the source of life we return to that source and experience the deep connection with everything. Seating in mediation watching the Spanda in the form of breath contracting and expending. Or through out the day, watching the Spanda arising from the Atman (the Inner Self) as an impulse that transforms into though patterns creating myriad of thoughts which create our own worlds. When we can bring our-self back to the source where the Spanda begins its pulsation, we can begin to master our own thoughts, feelings and life flows effortlessly. Struggle is not a requirement for our Sadhanan (spiritual journey). Even if the world is moving into a huge contraction, we can find a path of least resistance and “Be in the Spanda” with much more “suka” (ease) than Duka (pain). The choice is always ours. Since time is only real in the physical plane, the spanda both contracts and expands simultaneously at all time. As our world goes through a period of contraction, we have the choice to contract with is or expand. Contractions are always and opportunity for greater expansion when we realize our choice not to get sucked in the Lila (the play of consciousness) or Maya (Our own play both individual and collective). When we connect to source, letting the inner guidance take us to a new level we experience greater expansion, love & inner power. Then we know that everything is a perfect unfoldment and we participate with it from a place of service to one another. 

We are One People Living in 7 Billion Worlds.



Below is a complementary class coupon valid until July 31, for my Tuesday class at willows Yoga at 6:30. If you already have a path at the willows, please forward this coupon to someone who would appreciate this gift from you.

I will not be teaching this week, due to recovering from the Flu and I’m looking forward to see you next week and meet your friends who you forwarded the coupon to! 🙂

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Much Love,